What You Should Consider When Hiring a Virtual PA

When hiring a virtual PA, there are several things you need to consider; from the company’s reputation to the experience of those entrusted with your account, some might feel rather obvious while others are a little more obscure. No area should be underestimated or devalued, for the quality of your virtual PA services needs to be top tier.

If you’re thinking about hiring a virtual PA, you should research the following important attributes:



Good customer service is an invaluable part of any growing business. When hiring a virtual PA, you need to make sure that the service delivered is professional at all times. From their telephone manner to the written work completed on your behalf, ask to see examples and ensure they meet your high standards.



To make sure the company you’re working with are reliable, research their reputation. Look at customer reviews, their previous clients and if you know any personally, meet to discuss their experience with the company. This will give you a clearer understanding moving forward.



Of course, every virtual PA needs to be professional and sensible. However, it’s also important that you ‘click’ with your personal assistant on a personal level; you’re trusting them with your diary, paperwork and clients, so taking the time to find someone charismatic and approachable is incredibly important. Talk with the personal assistant you’re hiring directly before signing on the dotted line!


Services offered

When looking at possible virtual PA companies, consider any other services they offer. From PR to marketing or graphic design, these businesses might have expertise within a range of sectors! You might not require this help now, but further down the line it’s great to know that should you need immediate assistance, you’re surrounded by a diverse, knowledgeable team. Whether this be crisis management or blogger liaisons, you needn’t limit yourself!


Some virtual PAs are also experienced in events management, while others focus predominantly on organisation. If this is an area you could benefit from, find a more varied host company. For more information about the services Virtual PA have to offer, please call 01376 386850 today.