What Can I Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Believe it or not, virtual assistants are exactly what they say on the tin; a personal assistant to a business or individual who is based at a home office and works “virtually” from their own computer.

Now, it may be hard to understand how a virtual PA could be beneficial for your business – especially knowing that they’re not working from your offices. But you will be surprised at the amount of work your virtual assistant can do for you.

Whether you’re in need of diary management services or even someone to do your call answering, here are just some of the tasks you can outsource to your assistant – that you probably didn’t think about.


 Who has time catching up with any unpaid bills or the outstanding invoices you may have? As a business owner, you may be too busy focusing on the running of your company to keep on track of your bills. Our qualified virtual PAs will help keep your books organised and help to sort out any existing bills you may have so you can focus on the important things.

Administration Tasks

 Have you recently attended a conference or networking event? Perhaps you picked up a load of business cards and you want them put onto a database so you can connect with them? While it may not seem like it, this is a time-consuming task and will require a lot of focus. Instead of taking the time out from running your business, give your virtual PA access to your database and they can organise it for you.

Email Management

Your email inbox can become a bit hectic mess of spam and worthless junk mail as well as actually important discussions. To sit and go through all your emails can be a huge drain on your valuable time, that’s why a virtual PA can come in handy. By giving them access to your email inbox, they can filter through all the important emails and even respond to some when you’re busy. It may be a good idea to even give them their own email address so that all mails can be filtered through them first before you see them.

Diary Management

In partnership with filtering and managing your emails, your assistant can schedule meetings onto an online diary so you can keep track of exactly where and when you’re supposed to be. This is particularly useful for individuals who are always popping out to meetings during the day and so cannot check their emails to discuss other meetings.

If you think our virtual PA services could be useful for yourself or your business, why not get in touch with our team on 01376 386 850.