Top 5 Industries That Can Benefit from Having a Virtual PA

While almost any industry would be able to benefit from hiring a virtual assistant, there are certain industries and professions which can significantly improve their business practices by hiring virtual assistants. This week, Virtual PA UK, administration services Essex, are here to share our top 5 business that would benefit from a virtual PA.

Marketing agencies

The popularity of social media is always increasing which is great news if you’re a marketing agency. Many virtual assistants often have previous marketing experience and therefore will be able to help you with implementing, executing and analysing social media campaigns.

IT and Technology Companies

If you’re in the IT industry, you’re likely going to highly benefit from hiring a virtual assistant as they can help with customer support, data entry, web development and even email management! Hiring a virtual assistant to complete these tasks will not only take a huge weight off your shoulders, but it will also improve the efficiency of your office.

Legal firms

You’ll understand how much paperwork is involved when you work in a law firm ensuring everything is recorded and logged. However, there are some admin tasks that can be outsourced to lighten your workload including diary and email management!


Hiring a virtual PA with the appropriate skills if you’re an accountant will allow them to organise records, input data, manage your calendar which can help you not only keep on track with meetings and appointments but also help you relieve some stress!

Real Estate

When working in Real Estate a Virtual PA can help you filter leads, managing and organising appointments, respond to certain emails and even help you with customer service!

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