“I love the virtual assistant service for all things related to making my personal life easier – ticket and dinner reservation booking but also organizing entire trips and weekend getaways. It really makes life much easier!”
Harry Robson

Your team is invaluable to me. They deal with everything from our business banking and cross referencing cash sheets to organising my personal life. I can throw anything their way and it gets done fast and to a high standard. I couldn’t be without them. Absolutely worth their weight in gold.
Criterion Auctions

‘Sarah has worked for us for the last few years and in that relatively short amount of time has become absolutely integral to our team. She truly cares about our business, and we get the real sense that she is working in the background to develop and expand both our interests and those of our customers. She brings us new ideas and spots opportunities which she feels will add value as well as dealing seamlessly with everyday tasks. Her easy-going attitude means that whether we are explaining new requirements,
giving feedback or dealing with unforeseen problems the flow of communication is very open and straightforward.

Sarah takes care of our customer service but this is usually the least of her role! She manages a wide range of additional tasks as they arise, with no two weeks looking the same. Whether required to make out bound sales, maintain databases, contact the press, research new projects, tidy up systems or implement new procedures Sarah is thorough, adaptable and proactive.

Sarah is also a thoughtful person who anticipates and offers where she feels we might need help, which is particularly valuable given the amount of time we spend overseas. She is consistently alert to considerations which are important to our business, even the less obvious elements which could easily slip under the radar.
We are delighted to have Sarah help us develop our business long term’
Chris and Hannah Alford

Having the team assist me means my time has been freed up! I do not have to worry about any logistics or administration. The team have a very quick response to my needs and keep a close eye on everything. We have a weekly telephone conversation where I amupdated and they deal with all my personal and business admin. Absolutely great!
SKT Consulting

I have used Virtual PA UK’s various services more than once this year, Sarah is high efficient and will take any task off your desk be it small or large. I will continue to use Sarah and her team to ease my work load and would recommend any SME do the same, you will not be disappointed.
Samantha Mawdsley

We use this team for some admin work. They are efficient and fast and it means I can concentrate on my business rather than all the details surrounding it.
Boothby Taylor

In my businesses missing a call can be very costly so having a virtual PA to manage my calls and diary is essential, I have used virtual assistant’s before however Sarah and her team are very reasonable and professional and have often performed additional services when asked, like cold calling and letter writing. I have now recommended Sarah to other clients and colleagues of mine. Very pleased with the service and will carry on using them for years to come.
Daren Harker – Essex Events Management

I am very impressed with what this team has produced. It cannot be easy trying to type up a copy of a conversation between two people not least when we must have mumbled at times and also referred to places which you will never have heard of.
There will be corrections to be made but we fully expected this. You have done the hard work and now it is for us to edit. William, who I am seeing this evening, will be chuffed to bits to have this. I have had a hard copy printed which I will give him. You have done a cracking job and am very grateful for what you have produced – thank you both and I will definitely be using you again.
Adrian Graves, D3 Group

Do need a virtual assistant? If so you need this team, they are a great addition to my staff. Since I started to use the Virtual PA UK it has freed my working day to concentrate on other issues.
The Bodyshop Car Repair

I have found Sarah to be conscientious and committed to helping others run their lives making it less fraught. She really knows how to ensure you look like a swan by removing things from my ‘to do’ list. With the confidence that she always delivers, whether that is arranging accommodation, doing research for topics, or chasing up calls. I would recommend her to anyone. Actually, no! You can’t have her she is my virtual assistant. Actually there is nothing ‘virtual’ about Sarah, she really delivers, she really understands your needs and she really is at the end of a phone when you need her.
Casandra Dawbney

Sarah and her band of virtual assistants have made an art of fitting seamlessly into an organisation. They are proficient at handling all we can through at them; diaries, reminders, managing mailing lists, organising big events and dealing with different time zones. We would wholeheartedly recommend her. I have been using Sarah’s team to run my courses and answer calls, the standard of work is excellent and I am very happy to be working with them. They have made a big difference is a short space of time.
Insia Valika