How to Stop Your Emails Overflowing

Email inboxes. Once created to help us be more productive, now evolved into mountains of overflowing frustration, sucking hours out of our day. So, what’s the secret to managing your inbox without going insane?

When it comes to running your own business, time is money and while you may be too busy to organise your emails, you run the risk of missing important information or deadlines. Here are our tips to prevent your emails from overflowing.

Prioritise your inbox

Look at your inbox and see how many messages have been left unread for 24 hours. If the answer is anything but ‘zero’, then it’s time to step back and re-prioritise your inbox.  If a message requires no action on your behalf or can be replied to in a minute or less, archive it. If you use Google mail, you can now use a ‘snooze’ function, where you will be alerted to an important, unread email to come back to later.

Promotional emails can use up to a whopping 50% of your inbox space. If you’re tired of having spam email and promotional offers fill up your inbox, set up a filter for your ‘unimportant’ emails. By doing this, you can separate marketing and personal emails from business emails, to avoid missing anything important.


Last year the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force, designed to protect individuals personal information. This requires companies to ask their mailing list for permission before sending you marketing emails. If you find yourself constantly deleting spam emails, you can report and unsubscribe to stop them filling up your inbox.

Hire a Virtual PA

Did you know you can hire a virtual assistant to manage your inbox for you? Virtual PA Essex provides a variety of administrative services, ranging from event management to call answering, to ensure you save time and are stress-free. Our virtual PAs carry out the daily management of your emails, alerting you to any important messages or tasks that come through.

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