How to Increase Attendance at Your Corporate Events with Virtual PA UK

Corporate events are one of the very few opportunities to network with people in similar industries as well as grow your brand awareness. However, event planning can be extremely tedious, especially if you’re the owner of the business, worrying about venues, the people you want to invite and attendance. With this in mind, why not call in the help of a professional corporate event planner Essex!

Why do you want to host this event?

When you first hire a virtual PA to help with event planning, you’ll need to give them a brief outline of why you want to host a corporate event. Once they have this information, your virtual assistant can then proceed to sit down and then begin to identify the ideal audience. Having a clear understanding as to why you want to host an event reduces the risk of low attendance.

Identifying the ideal audience

You and your virtual PA have identified what you aim to achieve out of hosting an event, it’s now time for your assistant to take care of identifying and inviting your ideal target audience. A huge part of corporate event planning is knowing who to invite. Knowing the right type of crowd helps your event be more engaging and memorable as you’re able to incorporate activities that your audience will be able to enjoy. Once this has been identified, your virtual PA can then take care of connecting with people and sending out invites.


Where your event is held plays a pivotal role in the attendance of your event. You’re going to want to choose somewhere which is accessible to the majority of your audience, even if that means you have to travel. Your corporate event planner can research multiple venues, inquire about pricing and capacity and then report back to you so you can make the final decision.

Social media

Now your Virtual PA has taken care of the most important parts, it’s now time for them to get the word out on social media- whether it be through a campaign or engagement. They will create an event or a hashtag so people attending have the chance to communicate beforehand.

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