How Can Your Virtual PA Help You in Meetings?

When it comes to arranging meetings with teammates, new or existing clients, it can be incredibly stressful trying to sync everyone’s schedules and arrange a time where you’re all free for a substantial period. Juggling this with managing your business and meeting deadlines can seem impossible, however with the help of your virtual assistant, your life can become that little bit more manageable.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual PA is pretty self-explanatory. Their role is the exact same as a normal PA, however instead of them being by your side, they’re accessible via a phone, tablet or computer. The benefit of a virtual PA is that you don’t have to pay unnecessary overhead costs, thus saving you substantial amounts of money. Another benefit of hiring a virtual PA, is that you’re able to outsource pretty much any task, making your life easier and your schedule more flexible.

How can they help arrange meetings?

Fortunately, one of the many tasks you can outsource to your virtual PA is letting them take care of the organisation and setting up of meetings. Your virtual assistant will:

· Research and book a location If you work from home or would like to host a meeting somewhere more glamourous than your office, your virtual PA is capable of researching a venue which suits your requirements. If you’re happy with the chosen venue, they can then proceed to book it.

· Send out invites/e-mails Depending on what sort of meeting you’re planning to have; your virtual assistant can mediate and communicate between you and your clients/ teammates and invite them to attend.

· Book travel and accommodation Maybe you’re planning to travel for your meeting. Fortunately, your virtual PA will be able to book your travel as well as accommodation.

Who are Virtual PA UK and how can we help?

We are a premier virtual assistant service based in Essex. We currently work with a variety of clients across the UK ranging from corporate giants to individuals. If you would like more information about how a virtual PA can help you, get in touch today on 01376 386 850.