Hiring a Remote Assistant Could Help you Live Longer

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Here at Virtual PA in Essex we believe in the power of personal assistants and know that it can truly be beneficial for you or your business depending on your needs! We have a team of us on hand on our office and can provide support and help in a number of ways to you, wherever you are!

Believe it or not, stress kills and according to the Health and Safety Executive: In the UK alone the total number of cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety was 487,000 (39%) out of a total of 1,241,000 cases for all work-related illnesses. This could all be eliminated with one of our virtual assistants who could aid you in a number of ways:

1) We can make all of your dreams come true and answer your emails and sort through spam so that your inbox is free and empty, which lets face, due to how busy you probably are, never happens!

2) We answer phones and make sure we sift through calls so that only the people who you need to speak to get through, this means eliminating pointless hours you may have to spend chasing away telemarketers.

3) When you’re away from your desk we can answer emails or take messages for you, which will ensure that you never miss anything important, even if you have to leave the country for pro-longed periods of time.

4) We’re exceptional at organising events and make sure that project deadlines are being met, so you won’t be laying awake at night sleeplessly worrying if the caterers got your memo or not.

5) We are more than just a remote PA and will manage your calendar and gently remind you when you have an anniversary or important birthday, and better yet, if you’re really pushed for time we can help find a present for you!

6) If you spend so much time working you don’t even know what annual leave is anymore, we’re more than happy to organise your holidays for you, just give us a budget, destination and dates and we can plan you the trip of a lifetime.

7) Unlike some virtual head offices we are social media master minds and are more than happy to manage your Twitter and Facebook for you, ensuring you get all the publicity you need for your new ventures.

8) We can schedule meetings and dinners for you, whilst arranging baby sitters or someone to take your dog out for a walk when you just know you won’t make it home in time.

9) We’re also experts at entering data, so if you need a hand or simply need someone to re-take control of your CRM and other organisational systems then we are more than happy to help!

10) We provide open communication lines and complete honesty so you will know where you stand with us, as well as your clients and colleagues at all times.

If you are looking for virtual personal assistants or simply need someone to help you de-stress then make sure you get into contact with us! You won’t be disappointed.