Five Ways a Virtual PA Can Help Your Brands Influencer Marketing Campaign

In the age of social media, influencer marketing is vital to any business’ marketing campaign, with influencer’s ability to reach out to your target audience and increase brand awareness or sales.

Deciding on the right influencer for your brand can be a tedious task and while large organisations have entire departments dedicated to finding and fostering a relationship with the right influencer, smaller companies don’t have this leverage.

Thankfully, hiring a virtual pa service can make this process easier and more impactful for you. Here are five ways that a Virtual PA can help with influencer marketing for your brand.


Identify the right influencer

Scrolling through thousands of social media profiles for the right influencer can be incredibly time-consuming. By hiring a virtual assistant, you can provide them with clear instructions so they can create a list of influencers that share your values and can cater to your business needs.


Reaching out

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of influencers, it’s time to start contacting them. To save yourself some time, ask your Virtual PA to draft a pitch email that strongly reflects your brand’s value, and gives the influencer a compliment or two.


Scheduling meetings

Now that you’ve established contact, the next step would be meeting with your influencer to discuss your upcoming project. Outsourcing your diary management to a virtual assistant can be great for arranging meetings that fit both yours and the influencer’s busy schedules; leaving you more time to focus on your business.


Tracking your influencers impact

Your influencer campaign is fully underway, and their posts appear to be doing well. However, it’s important to keep track of your campaign’s performance. A Virtual PA can easily keep track of the website traffic, social media shares, audience engagement, sales targets and outreach to your chosen target audience.


Promoting your influencer

Creating an effective influence marketing campaign isn’t just finding the most popular influencer. It’s essential to do the right promotion to your target audience in order to raise brand awareness and sales. A Virtual PA can create timely content, manage ongoing projects and promote engaging content on social media.

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