Finding the Perfect Balance Between Work and Family Life in 2018 with Your Virtual PA

With 2018 fast approaching it’s now the time to start thinking about your new year’s resolutions and how you are going to achieve them with the help from our virtual PA services.

Will it be to start eating healthy? Maybe to learn a new language? Or, how about achieving the perfect work balance? Whilst a virtual assistant can’t force you to eat healthy, they can help to take the weight off your shoulders, which is where our services come into play.

We’re busy doing nothing

Living in the modern age with ever evolving technology is a blessing and a curse. With the likes of smartphones allowing you to instantly share a picture of your family enjoying a lazy day, it also means that you are accessible 24/7. E-mails are being sent at all times of the day, which may leave you feeling as though you are unable to properly switch off from work and enjoy quality time with your family. This is where our virtual PA services come in.

What can a virtual PA do?

Instead of asking what they can do we should be asking what a virtual assistant can’t do. When it comes to admin, your virtual assistant will be able and confident enough to handle all kinds of jobs. These include:

· Event planning If you tend to host a lot of corporate events but are struggling to keep on top of it all, your virtual assistant can help by organising the whole thing.

· Diary management Your virtual assistant is able to keep track of your diary, book in meetings and tell you your availability, helping you to improve your time management dramatically.

· Email checking If you’re going on holiday, the last thing you want is your inbox to be lighting up every three seconds. Instead you can choose to divert your emails to your virtual PA.

Your home and work life balance is important!

If you have a young family whilst running a business, you understand how stressful it can be trying to create a healthy distinction between your work and home life. Too much time spent staring into a laptop of an evening can have detrimental effects on your family life and relationships.

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