Event Management In Essex

Here at Virtual PA UK, our Essex events team will lift all of the pressure from your shoulders if you ever need to organise an event. From staff parties to milestone events, we can help with product launches or even just office get-togethers. You can rest assured that when you work with the expert Virtual PA UK team, your virtual assistant has it covered.   

Whether you are someone who regularly organises training events such as seminars or workshops, or you are being given the task of doing so for the first time, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the organisation of the event rather than preparing necessary materials. 

A virtual assistant saves you time, money and most importantly stress. Here are the reasons why you definitely need a virtual PA to plan your next event: 

  • Conduct event registration and maintain payments – There would be no worry or stress when it comes to the payment of the event as this would all be tracked and recorded by your virtual assistant. It is also your assistants’ job to chase up any payments or invoices.  
  • Sending out invitations – The virtual assistant can promote the event whilst inviting guests, they can deal with any queries via phone or email. 
  • Administering attendance – your virtual assistant can keep track of the number of attendees and speakers as handling all of these enquiries is time-consuming.  
  • Sourcing the accommodation, catering suppliers, audio and visual equipment – This can be very time consuming, so let your virtual assistant research, find and book all workers and equipment. A virtual PA can also prepare and collate and manage any materials that are required. They will ensure that the venue is set up properly, a necessity in making sure that an event runs smoothly. Your assistant can liaise with the venue to make sure that the room and all of the equipment is set up correctly and for example if a front desk is required to record the present attendees.  

Ensure that your event runs as smoothly as it can and allow yourself the time to oversee the event for yourself. Here at Virtual PA UK, we thrive off of helping your business succeed. Let us do the hard work for you, whilst you get all of the credit!