Corporate Event Planning – Why You Need a Virtual PA

Planning an event for your business can be a big task. If you’re meeting a potential client, hosting a party or launching a product, you’ll need to ensure your corporate event stands out. There are many reasons why using a Virtual PA here in Essex can save you time and stress.


Venue Research

Choosing the right venue is crucial for hosting a successful corporate event. Picking a location that all your attendees can access easily, having a large open space for everyone to mingle and organising any presentations to be shown in a key area is all important. Your virtual assistant is able to find locations that suit your specific needs.


Attention to Detail

Linked closely with picking the perfect venue, small details are not to be missed. A virtual PA is able to match any venue, theme or caterer to fit your corporate events aim. Whether this is hosting a formal meeting area or throwing a get-together, arranging the tiny details can bring an event to life.


Bookings and Payments

Juggling the task of trying to arrange, book and pay for a corporate event whilst running your own business can prove to be difficult. Your virtual assistant can take care of all online bookings by setting up an online payment system. They will constantly feedback to you, ensuring communication is high and that you’re receiving the level of service you deserve.



In order for your next corporate event to be a success, you need to receive feedback. Whether this is from attendees or your team, all opinions are vital. A virtual assistant is able to distribute online surveys, organise any feedback forms and present the answers to you in an easy to read format – helping you to prepare for the next event.


If you would like to find out more information about hiring a corporate event planner, get in touch with Virtual PA UK today on 01376 386 850.