Call Answering – Its Importance and Why You Should Hire a Virtual PA

Social media and emails have become the go-to norm for communicating within the business world, useful for its simplicity and response rate. However, phone calls are still the number one way to talk to a client.

Understandably, if you run your own business you may not be available to deal with answering phone calls on a daily basis, perhaps due to your travelling or meeting schedule. With this in mind, it may be worth outsourcing your call answering to a Virtual PA.


Answering Style

There is nothing better than receiving a warm welcome on the other end of a phone call. Setting a friendly tone with someone you’ve never spoken to before can ease the conversation and let the client know you’re invested in their time. A good first impression will not only make future phone calls much easier but allows your relationship to start off in the right direction.

If your client immediately gets the feeling that you’re not interested, or seem too busy to listen to what they have to say, it could really hinder your chances of a connection.


Why a Virtual PA can help you

For those times when your week’s schedule is too busy for even the smallest of things, having a virtual PA take care of your call answering can take away a lot of stress. We understand that missing phone calls could be a big factor in keeping your company alive.

Our friendly team of virtual PAs hold the perfect balance of a friendly and professional tone, to ensure that any of your potential clients receive the customer service they deserve. Not only is it important that we have the correct manner over the phone, but we must be confident enough to answer any questions your client has. With our virtual PAs, you can brief them on anything they may need to know, helping take the weight off of your shoulders.


For more information on how a Virtual PA can help with your call answering, please get in contact with our friendly team today on 01376 386 850.