5 Things you didn’t realise a virtual PA could help you with.

  1. Bookkeeping and Invoicing

Everyone’s favourite things? Not.
Paying bills online and recording payments, preparing end-of-the-month reports/ performance reports, managing payroll and tracking accounts.

You can also email your hours for each client to the VA and she or he can prepare invoices for you. This financial help is something that all business owners would benefit from.


  1. Customer Service

Your Virtual PA would maintain client relationships. A small reminder can make your clients feel extra-valued and your VA would go the extra mile to do this.

Examples include sending thank you notes at the completion of a project, sending welcome packages to new clients, maintaining the database of addresses and sending holiday cards.

This job also includes conducting client surveys about their experiences and reporting any problems and feedback.

  1. Travel arrangements

Planning a trip? Virtual assistants can research and book flights, car rentals and they are a great resource for finding hotels and planning trip itineraries. They will ensure that everything is booked well advance so it’s never left last-minute.

Plus, whilst you are away, your VA can forward any important messages that you need and keep on track of your work.



  1. Website & Content Design

Website design is very important, especially for a new blog because this is ultimately setting the tone for your business. This covers a wide range of jobs such as whole website designs, social media icons, logos, banner advertisements and so on. Alongside this, your VA would identify/ correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or any confusing flow in your content.


  1. Market Research

Depending on the business and the market, research may be needed. A business needs to learn who its target audience is, and also how to reach this audience. If you don’t have any skills with doing this, then usually hiring someone is a lot more helpful.

A market researcher can find your audience, inform you on how to reach this audience, tell you what type of articles or products you should focus on and everything else. Have you ever wondered how to improve your business or how competitors are handling different things? A market researcher can help you with this.


Hopefully you now have a better idea of what a Virtual PA can do for you. If you would like to know more, please contact 01376 386850 or email